The Texas Home Care & Hospice PAC

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Contribute Today! to the TEXAS HOMECARE & HOSPICE PAC and Make Your Voice Heard
Only TAHC&H Members may contribute to the PAC

Join us for the 2014 PAC Golf Tournament
at the Colovista Golf Club in Bastrop, TX

Monday October 27th prior to Annual Retreat Committee meetings

The Texas Home Care & Hospice PAC has set our goal at
$235,000 for 2014!

Pledges as of August 2014
State $177,610
Federal $42,553
Total $220,163

If you have not yet made your contribution, download the contribution
form here
or contribute online.

What is a PAC?


Political Action Committees (PACs) are established through state and federal election laws to provide the means for like-minded individuals, such as home care and hospice agency owners and their employees, to pool funds for engaging in the American electoral process.

Pooling financial resources to participate in the electoral process gives TAHC&H the means to elevate home care and hospice as campaign priorities and to strengthen relationships with key lawmakers who determine Medicare and Medicaid policy, funding, and laws regulating the home care and hospice business environment
.  read more

The Texas Association for Home Care & Hospice is putting "Advocacy in Action" through TAHC&H member contributions to the Texas Home Care & Hospice PAC.  Join the movement to advance the sucess of your business mission and the quality of life for the patients you serve!


  Why You Should Contribute

Congress and the state legislature wield considerable power and influence over every aspect of our business. Our goal is to have a seat at the table every time a key decision is made. Attending campaign events with lawmakers helps TAHC&H solidify a strong advocacy presence for the State and Federal legislative sessions that follow each election.

Contributions to Texas Home Care & Hospice PAC provide TAHC&H leaders, members, and lobbyists the resources to attend campaign events and advance home care and hospice priorities with candidates during elections. This provides the opportunity to raise awareness of our industry during an important part of the democratic process. read more

Supporting the PAC helps TAHC&H solidify a strong advocacy presence in preparation for the State and Federal legislative sessions that follow each election.

See the TAHC&H Advocacy Page for more information on our industry's issues.

Who Can Contribute

Contributions can be made to both our State and, if you are eliglible, our Federal efforts.

Everyone is eligible and encouraged to make personal contributions to the Texas Home Care & Hospice PAC state efforts; however there are certain restrictions on federal contributions. Only owners and upper management of incorporated businesses, as well as owners in non-incrporated businesses are eligible to contribute at the federal level. Hourly employee, their first line supervisors, and non-principal employees of partnerships are not eligible to contribute to federal efforts. Individuals are limited to $5,000 in donations to
Texas Home Care & Hospice PAC federal efforts per calendar year.

Corporate contributions are prohibited. Contributions may only be made by U.S. citizens and are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

How to give to Texas Home Care & Hospice PAC

All members of TAHC&H are eligible to contribute to Texas Home Care & Hospice PAC. That includes owners, administrators, and all other employees of a member company. Contributions must be personal funds.

Contribute online using PayPal

Fax or mail us your contribution

Payroll Deductions-

Employees, administrators, and owners of TAHC&H member companies can give to the PAC using convienent, monthly payroll deductions. Simply notify your employer how much each month you wouldlike withheld. Employers - submit the total contributions in one easy check each month to Texas Home Care & Hospice PAC.


PAC Contribution Form

Federal Authorization Form